Lauren Noyes

I take photos to relax and to meditate on what I see. In each object there is both complexity and simplicity, both beauty and grit.

(services) Weddings, Parties and Events, Art Photos, Food Photography, Portraits, Band Photos, Objects, Pet Portraits, Boat Portraits

(themes) Nautical, Floral, Scenic, Pattern, Texture, Contour, Shadow, Assemblages, Piles, Collections, Collage, Closeups, Details, Cropped Objects, Grit, Dirt, Worn-Down Objects, Industrial, Elegant Simplicity

Published Internationally in Wooden Boat Magazine's "Small Boats 2010" edition! See the Beachcomber-Alpha Dory article for Lauren's boat portraits.

I am an educator, photographer, and goofball. Email me for more information:



(Snippet from a stream-of-consciousness journal entry)  
The happy thought I keep in mind while taking pictures: I see little moments of life, from one view at one focal distance with one depth of field with one measure of light, etc. Like many of my contemporaries, I love to observe and fill hard drives with these moments of life. Now, zoom out to all moments all people have observed throughout history. Then zoom out to all moments from all views God sees throughout history. This includes all views in all universes (physical or not), including so many humans will never see that it's pathetic. Now imagine the "magic hard drive" of God's memory. We see just a glimpse, and in such a limited way (like a 2D pixellated image). Now consider the 2D vs. 3D views of cameras and video cameras. Now consider the 3D vs. 3D-interactive difference between video and real life. Then consider the tapestry of how the "moment" shots are connected in life: one choice in one life links to consequences in other lives, etc. Imagine strings connecting these pictures and videos in a grand strategy room. Ok. Then apply to the magic hard drive of God's mind. Then it gets meaningful. II Corinthians 4 mentions a bit about the struggle that draws us to the "I need God" realization over and over. (Choice) This can lead to coming closer to Him and accepting His forgiveness, peace, healing, and the changed heart necessary for loving others like He does. We read that the things we see, experience, struggle with, etc. are temporary and superficial. What's real is below the surface. Like in I Corinthians 13, we see dimly like in a scuzzy mirror, but our vision clarifies as we let God's love change our hearts. One day we may see everything fully and understand (in the magic TV room of Heaven, with God explaining stuff, is how I picture this). Sweet. Then the strings connecting moments throughout history will make sense. We'll see clearly the purpose of struggle, even the worst moments of our lives. We can guess in the meantime (and sometimes we guess right) but we won't fully understand until we see from His perspective, fully and clearly with all the context. The only result is worship, awe, and praise. Psalm 139 "How precious to me / concerning me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand." About the magic hard drive: "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"